Due to security reason which has been a very important issue recently, the 9th ICAAP Local Organizing Committee has decided to increase the security level by strictly implementing all badges with barcode and photo ID.

This situation will impact that exhibitor badges cannot be handed over to someone else. Therefore all exhibitors should finalise and fix the persons-in-charge who will be the stand guides in each booth(s), because switching exhibition stand guides will not be allowed.

To get the exhibitor badge, every exhibitor / stand guide should do the re-registration onsite before entering the venue building / exhibition area. The registration counter itself will be located in tent at the outside of the venue building.

The re-registration will start on 8 August 2009, from 07.30 to 16.00.  Exhibitor may come to do the re-registration before the set up day.

Exhibitors re-registering on 9 August 2009 should do the re-registration before doing booth decoration, which has been scheduled on 15.00.

The flow of getting the exhibitor badges will be as follows:

  • Exhibitors that have completed the payment queue up at the registration counter (sub counter “Exhibition”) and get the receipt slip to make the photo ID at Photo ID Counter.
  • Exhibitors that have not completed the payment should settle the full payment at the cashier then queue up at the registration counter (sub counter “Exhibition”) and get the receipt slip to make the photo ID at the Photo ID Counter.
  • After exhibitors have made the photo ID, the exhibitor badge will be given and the exhibitor may enter the building.

We thank you for your kind cooperation and generosity in understanding this situation.

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