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Important Notice: The congress programme has been finalised. For an overview of the programme, download here! 


Satellite meetings will be fully organised and coordinated by the organisation hosting the satellite (private company, government agency, institution, NGO). There will be several satellite slots made available for a fee, based on the room capacity, the time slot, and the conference programme. The 9th ICAAP Committee reserves the right to approve or reject any satellite application, and may decline, wholly or partially, a request that in their opnion is not keeping in character or purpose of the 9th ICAAP.

In order to ensure that satellite meetings meet the scientific and ethical standards of the Conference, all satellites will:

  • Address issues directly or indirectly related to HIV and AIDS within the context of the ICAAP programme
  • Be evaluated by the 9th ICAAP Committee on the basis of content, merit, overall quality and organisational plan.

Satellite Meeting Application
Applications for a satellite meeting should be submitted by email to the Secretariat and forms may be downloaded from the website. The deadline for application to host a satelite is  15 March 2009.
All deadlines have been extended from 15 March 2009 to 27 March 2009. For more information, contact our organising committee via email to

Affiliated Events
Other meetings, symposia, and events organised for conference delegates outside the Congress  venue and outside of programme hours by other organisations, but are linked to or organised in conjunction with the  9th ICAAP are referred to as Affiliated Events. For more information on Affiliated Events, contact our organising committee via email to

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9 - 13 August 2009
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