APV Program Activities

The Asia-Pacific Village represents the power of civil society and reflects “unity in diversity” of our countries and people. It provides a space to share knowledge and skills, build coalitions, and promote interactive learning among communities living with and affected by HIV & AIDS, policy makers, researchers and other groups in the community. The Asia-Pacific Village welcomes all delegates, volunteers, as well as the general public.

The Asia-Pacific Village physically and mentally translates the 9th ICAAP theme “Empowering People, Strengthening Network” in a more friendly and colorful way.  We can appreciate our cultural heritage through festive events, dance, crafts, rituals and oral traditions which are valuable gifts passed down from generation to generation. The idea of an Asia-Pacific Village will also hopefully increase our awareness and understanding of cultural diversity in the region, while creating unity.
The Asia-Pacific Village is located on the ground floor of BICC, covering a space  1363 square metres. Although all groups and organizations involved in the Asia-Pacific Village need to register and submit proposal, however, no registration is required to visit it. The Asia-Pacific Village will open daily from 09.00 to 20.00 during the Congress.

The Asia Pacific Village Bazaar and Exhibitions
A bazaar will provide grass-root, community-based organizations and civil societies to express their creativity by visualizing programs, activities, and projects on HIV-AIDS. Through photos, paintings, drawings, posters and other visual arts. We can support them by purchasing the products created through their projects. The bazaar area can also showcase HIV-specific income-generating projects within Asia and the Pacific region and allow delegates and the general public  alike to learn about these.

The Asia-Pacific Village exhibition booth is provided free to communities as a means of helping them to showcase their products and earn an income. By purchasing souvenirs and gift items from these community based organizations, we not only purchase high quality products at reasonable prices but also allow them to feel empowered and useful.

The Relaxing Site
The Asia-Pacific Village will also provide an escapade, a place to unwind and relax in a much less formal atmosphere to exchange ideas, issues and topics. It provides a space to engage with partners from Asia and Pacific and encourage a dialogue to develop an enabling environment for community participation in addressing HIV and AIDS.

You can also enjoy a combination of shoulder and foot reflexology by skilled Balinese massage therapists to relieve stress and fatigue and improve blood circulations. Or you may also experience getting  temporary tattoos made by a tattoo artist, or return to the Congress sessions with a unique Balinese hair braiding and beautiful finger nail paintings.

The Networking Site
Located next to the Youth Corner, this site will bring local and international individuals and groups together to plan and implement exciting collaborations and programs on key issues that have been agreed. This space aims to facilitate engagement and exchanges to enhance learning.

The Youth Corner
A special corner is dedicated for youth networking.  Activities may include mini-workshops, plays, small meetings and exhibitions by youth organisations or anything that youth imagination would lead us to. They can also exhibit regional youth-related programs; promotional materials on sexual and reproductive health and rights; products of income generation programs for youth and related stories or pictures of successful youth activities or activists.


Movie Screening Programme

 10,11, 12 August 2009

BICC Auditorium,  Ground Floor.

Located just across the Asia-Pacific Village, the Auditorium has been designated as a special room for movie screening.  A few number of selected movies, capturing many aspects and issues of our community, including humantiraian and human rights issues, either in the form of feature films or semi-documentaries, will be shown here at certain hours.  The movies will certainly capture delegates’ attention in between sessions.  The schedule will also be posted near the Auditorium during the Congress.

Click here to download Movie Screening Schedule at BICC Auditorium


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