Congress Program

Important Notice: The congress programme has been finalised. For an overview of the programme, download here! 

Similar to previous congresses, there will be several types of sessions during the congress:

Opening & Closing Ceremony
The 9th ICAAP opening ceremony will take place on the evening of August 9th in Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park in Bali and will be proceeded with a Welcome Reception. President of the Republic of Indonesia, H.E. Hj. DR. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, is expected to officially open the congress. The Cultural Park is located at Bukit Ungasan, Jimbaran Bali with an enourmous statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana as its landmark. Delegates will be required to arrive an hour before the ceremony starts for security check.

AIDS Ambassador Meeting
Indonesia First Lady and National AIDS Ambassador, H.E. Hj Ani Bambang Yudhoyono will host an AIDS Ambassadors meeting during the 9th ICAAP, together with Australia’s AIDS Ambassador, Murray Proctor.  The AIDS Ambassadors’ meeting will address the role of AIDS Ambassadors in the Asia and Pacific region and how they can be mobilized for greater action and accountability for the response.

Plenary Session
Experts on HIV-related subject matters will be invited from around the region to give plenary lectures during the Congress. This will be a great opportunity to listen to the world’s most distinguished researchers, community leaders and policy specialists. Plenary Sessions will be held every morning from 10 August to 13 August 2009.

The congress has taken a theme on “Empowering people and Strengthening networks.” The theme will be weaved through the five (5) main plenary sessions that discuss the Overview of AIDS Epidemic in Asia & the Pacific Region; Health System Strengthening and Sustaining the Response; Inequity, Vulnerability and AIDS; Power and AIDS Governance, and; the way forward.

Abstract Driven Session
More than 2000 abstracts were submitted and reviewed  for the 9th ICAAP. The congress will host sixty-four (64) abstract-driven oral presentation sessions and over a thousand poster presentation. Speakers will be allowed a ten-minute presentation followed by a five-minute discussion.

Information for Poster Presenters:

  1. Poster display is a way of presentation using two dimension medium on your preference consisting images and/or words describing your activity appropriate to your abstract.
  2. All posters should be in English.
  3. The poster must be put up in the designated space location between 08:00 - 10:30 GMT+8 on your presentation day.
  4. Posters will be displayed throughout the day.
  5. Poster presenters are requested to stand by their poster during 12:15 to 14:15 GMT+8.
  6. Size: 90 cm wide x 180 cm tall (vertical). Please adhere to this maximum size to fit the provided poster presentation space.
  7. A poster panel board can be clearly identified by the poster code on the upper left corner of the board.
  8. Mounting material (including double sided tape) will be provided.
  9. Poster must be removed in the afternoon of your presentation day between 17:30 – 18:00 GMT+8. Materials that are not removed will be discarded.
  10. Please visit the information desk in the venue to get your exact poster presentation location.

Click here to download Poster Presentation Guidelines

Information for Oral Presenters:

  1. All presentations must be in English.
  2. All presentations will be from dedicated computers using Microsoft Power Point (Windows) connected to a multimedia projector.
  3. Slides are limited to maximum 10 slides.
  4. All speakers are requested to check in their presentations at the Speakers’ Desk located in the venue (Bali International Convention Centre, Nusa Dua, Bali, Republic of Indonesia)
  5. Speakers are requested to come to the Speakers’ Desk the day before the presentation day.
  6. Speakers should bring their presentation file (either in a USB flash drive or CD ROM) to the congress and give to the Speakers’ Desk to make the presentation data available in the appropriate presentation room.
  7. Alternatively, please send your presentation file prior to the congress to:
  8. Please indicate your abstract number and presentation code in the email.
  9. Duration for an Oral Presentation Session is 90 minutes. Each session consist of up to six abstract presentations. Therefore, each presentation should be strictly limited to 10 minutes. A thirty minute discussion will follow facilitated by one chairperson.
  10. Every speaker must report to the organizer who will be at the entrance of the allocated session room 15 minutes before the presentation begins.
  11. The person listed as the presenting author is responsible for presenting the paper at the congress.
  12. If due to unforeseen circumstances the presenting author cannot attend, please notify the organizer at the Speakers’ Desk.

Click here to download Oral Presentation Guidelines

Location of Speakers' Desk is Karangasem Room, 1st Floor of Bali International Convention Centre

Symposia Sessions
Invited lecturers will discuss cross-track issues in the Symposia. There will be three symposia taking place in three time blocks each day after the plenary sessions. The 9th ICAAP will host twenty-four (24) symposia sessions together with national, regional and international partners. Symposia Sessions are organized during congress time and open for all delegates.

Click here to download the list of Symposia

Satellite Meeting 
Satellite Meetings will take place at lunchtimes and evenings during the Congress. This is intended for the benefit of Congress delegates and will be organised and operated by proposing parties (company, government agency, institution or NGO). The 9th ICAAP will host a maximum of 75 Satellite Meetings together with national, regional and international partners. Satellite Meetings are organized during lunch time and after-hours, and open only for selec delegates invited to the meeting. For more information, please see the congress web section on Satellite Meeting.

Skills Building Workshop
The 9th ICAAP will host thirty-two (32) Skills Building Workshops together with national, regional and international partners. Skills Building Workshops are considered as one of the important components of the conference which requires skills and experience as well as technical know-how. Through these workshops, conference delegates will have the opportunity to improve various skills that they can apply to their HIV and AIDS work in communities and organisations. For more information, please see the congress web section on Skills Building Workshop.

Asia Pacific Village
The Asia-Pacific Village aims to bring the diversity of our region and our congress together in a space where our differences are celebrated. The Asia-Pacific Village hopes to  translate the 9th ICAAP theme Empowering People, Strengthening Network in a more friendly, fun, and colourful way.  The Asia-Pacific Village will host a range of activities, including small groups discussions, informal education activities, art performances and cultural shows, regional stalls selling handicrafts and snacks made by people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. For more information, please see the congress web section on Asia Pacific Village.

Field Visit
The 9th ICAAP Local Organizing Committee extends an invitation to all delegates to come and learn from the local AIDS response in Bali. Six (6) paralel and complimentary field visits are organized during the congress at every lunch time, each with a maximum of 20 people. The programme and the registration form will be available soon. Register early to confirm your participation and don’f forget to bring your lunch.

Pre Congress Community Forum
The pre congress Community Forum will take place before the official Opening Ceremony of the 9th ICAAP on 9th August. This will be an important opportunity to network and share experiences as well as provide an orientation so that all community members can participate fully and effectively in the main Congress. For more information, please see the congress web section on Community Forum.


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