Skills Building Workshop

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Skills Building Workshop

The 9th ICAAP will host thirty-two (32) Skills Building Workshops together with national, regional and international partners. Skills Building Workshops are considered as one of the important components of the conference which requires skills and experience as well as technical know-how. Through these workshops, conference delegates will have the opportunity to improve various skills that they can apply to their HIV and AIDS work in communities and organisations.

These workshops are aimed to promote knowledge and skills sharing based on lessons learned, best approaches and practices on HIV programming and will enable delegates to put learning into action, using creative participatory learning methods on subjects critically vital to those facing the realities of AIDS pandemic today, whether they are medical professionals, researchers, politicians, administrators, outreach workers, peer educators, caregivers and/or people living with HIV (PLHIV).

Skills Building tracks will consist of:

  1. Leadership skills.  
  2. Organizational development and management.  
  3. Empowering infected and affected people to improve their quality of life.  
  4. Strategy and education skills on HIV prevention, care and supports.
  5. Resource mobilisations skills. 

Please visit our website for full descriptions of the skills building tracks. Each session is entitled to a maximum of 90 minutes.

Application and Selection Process for Skills Building Workshop Proposals
All skills building workshop proposals should be submitted through the website using the abstract submission form between 1 December 2008- 15 March 2009. Those who cannot access the website may contact the Secretariat to obtain the abstract submission form, which should be returned by mail or via courier to the Secretariat.

"All deadlines have been extended from 15 March 2009 to 27 March 2009"

Proposals will be subject to a peer-review process carried out by the Skills Building Sub-Committee. Each proposal will be reviewed by no fewer than three reviewers. The skills building proposal review period will take place in April 2009.

Facilitators and trainers interested in sharing their experiences and expertise: (a) should be sponsored by their organisations, or (b) should seek sponsorship from other organisation for their travel-related expenses, or  (c) may apply for scholarship (please see Scholarship Section).


To promote knowledge and skills sharing based on lessons learned, best approaches and practices on HIV programming particularly in the areas of leadership, empowering people and education, effective organization development, management and resource mobilization. 

Skills Building workshop will consist of the following tracks:

  1. Leadership Skills.  Objective of the sessions is to strengthen leadership skills for all key players: Governmental agencies, NGO, Universities, private sectors and communities to broaden responses, networking, strengthen coordination and harmonization among key players at local, national, regional and international levels.   Leadership skills may cover areas such as advocacy, negotiating, communications, coaching, mentoring, motivation, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills.
  2. Organizational Development and Management.  Objective of the sessions is to provide participants with inputs for knowledge and skills building on organizational development and management.  This may included, but not limited to: organizational assessment, organizational structuring, project and financial management, monitoring and evaluation, human resources development and management, and gender analysis. 
  3. Empowering Infected and Affected People to improve quality of life.  Objective of the sessions is to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills to empower infected and affected people to improve quality of life through some skills such as life skills education, employment opportunities and income generating skills, self-confidence building, decision making skills, laws and human rights.
  4. Strategy and Education Skills on HIV prevention, care and support.  Objective of the sessions is to improve participants’ knowledge and skills in delivering effective HIV prevention, care treatment and support program through effective strategy and involvement of communities.  This will include among others: communication, education and strategy for prevention, care, treatment and support, behavior change communication and counseling, treatment education, peer and family supports, and self-help groups.
  5. Resourcing mobilisations skills. Objective of the sessions is to enhance delegates’ knowledge and skills to effectively mobilize resources to support and deliver HIV program.  This will include: effective fundraising strategies and methods, writing winning proposal, collaboration with private sectors through Corporate Social Responsibility, mobilising community supports, and networking for resource mobilisation.


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