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9TH ICAAP Report

Excellencies, Distinguished participants:

We, the Scientific Committee are pleased to have the honor of your presence and participation because you represent the best minds and champions in our fight against the HIV pandemic. We also would like to congratulate all of you who have been able to bring 150 presentations in 5 plenary sessions, 3 Keynote speeches, 24 Symposiums, and 31 Skill buildings. In addition we were able to organize 339 oral presentations and displayed 1122 posters. Although we fully understand that Bali is not the most affordable venue, the above statistics are testimony to level of enthusiasm in the region and the charms of the island of gods.

Excellencies, Distinguished participants:

Asia and the Pacific region are home to no less than 5 million People Living with HIV/AIDS in 2007. Approximately 9,000,000 people have been infected with HIV and no less than 380,000 new infections are estimated each year. The region has witnessed more than 2.6 million men, over 950,000 women and almost 330,000 children who have died of AIDS related diseases since the virus was identified 20 years ago. We understood during ICAAP8 in Colombo that we were galvanized to achieve universal access in the region sooner, although we are aware that in some countries in our region, the response to the growing epidemic has been slow. Millions of PLWHA in the region are still facing barriers to information, treatment, and care. India, China, Thailand, and Cambodia have set examples that with greater commitment and better collaboration we can achieve universal access sooner. These countries provide best practices for overcoming the pandemic through people empowerment and nurturing and strengthening networks within different communities, between communities and government sectors and across government sectors. In recognition of these evolving connections, we picked the theme for ICAAP9: “Empowering People and Strengthening Networks”. Under the proposed theme, the goal of the Congress was to promote scientific excellent inquiry, provide a forum for meaningful dialogue, foster accountability, and encourage individual and collective action in addressing HIV /AIDS in Asia and the Pacific and ensure the sustainability of the response.

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