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Gender Development Project in Papua An alternatif strategy as HIV/AIDS Preventions Program in Papua

The statistics of HIV and AIDS epidemic in Papua have demonstrated that total number of men who contacted with HIV/AIDS are higher than women. This fact, stated by Drh. Karma, Chairman of the Aids Committee of Papua Province, has broke the myth of saying women and sex workers have caused the disease. Further, he said, based on this fact, it shows that the disease has transmitted by men especially the ones who have sex affairs and money and working either in governmental and private sectors. Among the women, the highest number of transmitted women are not the sex workers but the housewives. Several meetings have been conducted for women in Papua to response the situation Through the meeting, it reveals that women want to stand and fight for their anxiety to face the HIV. Furthermore, he added that woman in Biak has been said: "What should we do when our husbands come home drunk and in circumstances likely having sex outside? We have a marriage license, we keep stand on it and the values as well, but we can not do anything."

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