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Reaching Clients of Sex Workers Through Workplace Interventions

Wednesday, 12.30 – 14.00

By Dian Purnomo

Dr. Alan Boulton, the director was conducting the Satellite meeting this afternoon.

Over 33 million people worldwide are living with HIV, aged between 15 and 49. Most keep working but many are forced of their jobs by stigma and discrimination or lack of access to treatment. The International Labour Organization (ILO) contributes to universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support through focused interventions in the workplace. ILO is built on partnership between government, employers and workers, and together they help put in place comprehensive workplace programmes on HIV/AIDS.

Workplace programmes use a combination of approaches to support behavior change, providing information and education, making male and female condoms available, and facilitating access to care, support and treatments.

Dr. Asif Altaf from International Transport Workers’ Foundation (ITF) strongly encourage us not to blame the behavior, because if we’re working 18 hours a day on the truck, juggling with dirty roads and all that, never have enough time to watch movie, go to park with member of the family, travelling for vacation, the only choice we have is go have some fun by buying sex.

Dr. Asif also recommends us to build a partnership with friends that the workers know, stakeholders, family so that we can apply the program and ensure the reaching of the goal. Because the mobile workers are not always in the same place, so that it’s difficult to reach them easily. They’re moving a lot. Some of them are staying in their house for a week and than traveling for weeks or months afterward. Many of them has to drive trucks for 18 hours a day, and haven’t got enough time to communicate with others, unless their co-driver.



The 3rd presenter, Richard Howard from ILO similarly talking about the training we should be approached to the company. Trainings are works somehow. Workers are listening to what their company told to. They can tell the workers how to have a safe sex by using condoms and all that. He’s been doing his research in Mongol and China and it works there. Richard is also stressed that regarding to protect women and yet children, we need to work with man. (voice record attached)

On this session, ILO plays two interesting videos. The ILO project has developed a range of behavior change communication materials including a short, Charlie Chaplin style film to encourage stigma reduction and condom promotion. And the other one is ILO project collaborating with Ministry Labour of China, about employers and workers and several large construction enterprises to develop campaign for migrants workers in China.


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