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Her Excellency Ani Bambang Yudhoyono

Declaration on the Response to HIV and AIDS in Asia and the Pacific

AIDS Ambassadors and Champions

9 August 2009, 9th ICAAP, Bali, Indonesia


We, AIDS Ambassadors and Champions, in our commitment to strengthen the response to HIV and AIDS,

  • Recognize and pay tribute to the many people across our regions – members of civil society,
    government officials, political leaders, healthcare professionals, youth leaders, People Living with HIV and Affected by AIDS, leaders of networks of marginalized populations, religious and community leaders, leaders of national programmes, UN system, multilateral, donor agencies and allies in the private sector – who together and individually share in building and sustaining an inclusive, humane, comprehensive, and effective response to the global AIDS epidemic;
  • Recognize that while substantial progress has been made in reaching some Millennium Development Goals (MDG), many countries in Asia and the Pacific still lag behind, especially in reaching Goal Number 6 to combat HIV and AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Also recognize that achievement of the targets to provide Universal Access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support to people who need these services, set in the Declaration of Commitment adopted by the countries of the world in June 2001 is absolutely essential if we are to meet the MDG Target for Goal Number 6 to have halted them by 2015 and begun to reverse their spread;
  • Recognize the link between HIV and all the MDGs and the need to raise HIV and AIDS in a broader range of fora;
  • Recognize that as a result of the global economic crisis, HIV prevention and treatment programs may be disrupted as donors and governments alike confront resource constraints in funding HIV and related programs. At the same time many households and individuals face economic hardship which makes them both more vulnerable to HIV and less able to meet their own health costs;

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