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JVR Prasada Rao
Dr. Samlee Plianbanchang
Prof. Myung-Hwan Cho

Closing Remarks by JVR Prasada Rao, Director, UNAIDS Regional Support Team

  1. Thank the LOC and the Indonesian People for the excellent way in which they organized ICAAP.  Many people said that this is the best ICAAP we ever had.
  1. Participation and involvement has been great.  Good quality discussions and launching of several reports – most prominent one on the lives of PLWA + women called “diamonds”.  We have many more among you all.
  1. Very pleased with the presence of senior colleagues from UN starting with Nafis Sadik, senior HQs staff, global coordinators, region and country level staff numbering over 200 – sponsored 800 civil society representative.  This demonstrates that the entire UN system is deeply committed to see that AP wins the battle. 

I would particularly like to extend thanks to the RC, UNCT and DSS

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Closing Remarks by Dr Samlee Plianbangchang Regional Director, WHO South-East Asia

Honourable Chairman, distinguished participants, honourable guests, ladies and gentlemen:

I thank the Organizing Committee for inviting me to speak at this session of the conference. This conference has provided an excellent opportunity to reinforce our total commitment to halting and reversing the HIV epidemic in Asia and the Pacific.

HIV remains one of the most formidable public health challenges of our times. In the Asia Pacific Region, HIV affects mostly vulnerable and difficult-to-reach populations, especially sex workers, men who have sex with men, and injecting drug users. As a result of effective national responses over the past two decades, the overall HIV prevalence has begun to decline or level off in several countries.

However, the epidemic is far from over – thousands of preventable new infections continue to occur. Of particular concern, recent evidence shows an increasing trend of HIV infection especially among men who have sex with men.

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Professor Myung-Hwan Cho, President, AIDS Society in Asia & Pacific (ASAP)

Selamat Pagi, Good morning,

Your excellency, Sucilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of Indonesia, the honourable Aburizal Bakrie, Coordinating Minister for the People’s welfare, Mr Michael Sidibe, Executive director of UNAIDS, Mr Prasada Rao, UNAID regional director for Asia and the Pacific, Ms Robin Gorna, Executive Director of IAS, Co-chairs of the Congress, distinguished guests, delegates, friends and colleagues,

A.     Congratulations
I congratulate Indonesia for staging this wonderful ICAAP.
In particular I want to thank the Chair of the Local Organising Committee Prof. Zubairi Djoerban (Chairman of 9th ICAAP), the co-chairs Prof Samsuridjal Djauzi, Prof DN Wirawan and Dr Nafsiah Mboi. I also want to thank Ms Elis Widen, the National Coordinator of 9 ICAAP and her teams of Sub-Committees who have worked tirelessly throughout the development of this important Congress. I would like to express my gratefulness to the UNAIDS, International AIDS Society, Global Funds and many other United Nations agencies for their strong commitment and support.

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Dr. Nafsiah Mboi
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