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Background & issues

To achieve universal access, young people must be empowered and have access to comprehensive information on their sexuality as well as on services in prevention, treatment, care and support. Young people account for 40% of new HIV cases worldwide in 2007—a very high percentage and this poses a challenge to the region, especially considering that the future of Asia and the Pacific is in the hands of their youth. In 2007, 1.28 million young people were living with HIV & AIDS in Asia and the Pacific.

Based on International documentations such as UNGASS and CPD, young people have to be empowered through meaningful involvement and participation. Young people must be given the space and opportunities to raise their voice and be actively engaged in HIV & AIDS and other sexuality and human rights issues and interventions, thereby maximizing their potential and capabilities. Through this, we will be able to reverse the tremendous effects of HIV and AIDS among young people and will achieve a better quality of life.

With the main theme of ‘Meaningful and active youth participation towards robust youth leadership on sexual and reproductive health issues in Asia and the Pacific’, this forum will focus on:

  1. Youth-Adult Partnerships
  2. Youth involvement in decision-making
  3. Youth empowerment on advocacy and Youth unite
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