The 200 Forum (MSM/TG & HIV)

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The 200 forum (Men who have sex with men, transgenders, and HIV)

The rise in HIV among this community requires that more access must be made available to prevention, care, support, and treatment for these communities, and that the marginalization and criminalization that prevents access must be removed so as to help achieve the UN Millennium development goal of 2015.

This forum will be co-hosted by the 9th ICAAP and the Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM), which is a coalition of governments, UN partners, donors, technical experts, non-government and community-based organisations, networks and groups that seeks to scale up and increase attention to the needs of MSM (and transgenders) in general, and HIV issues in particular.

Why 200? Every 7.5 minutes in Asia, a man who has sex with men gets infected with HIV. That's almost 200 new MSM HIV cases each day. And that's 200 too many. (See Figure 2.16 in ‘Redefining AIDS in Asia - Crafting an Effective Response’ by the. Commission on AIDS in Asia, published by Oxford University Press, New Delhi, India (2008); p. 57).

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