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Background & issues

Discrimination and criminalization of migrants (who are often wrongfully blamed for social problems) also result in difficulties of access to prevention, treatment and care, and must be removed in order to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goal of 2015.

The Migrants forum will be co-hosted by the 9th ICAAP and Caram Asia, which is an open network of non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations with the aim to empower migrants and their communities to reduce all vulnerabilities, including HIV, and to enhance their health rights.

Community Forum


  1. Advocate for enforceable, comprehensive HIV&AIDS national laws and national strategic plans specifying inclusion of migrants and their families; employing various strategies and ensuring access to treatment and services; and considering the special contexts of migrants in all phases of migration (pre-departure, on-site and reintegration).
  2. Provide culturally sensitive, gender responsive and rights based HIV programs for migrants at the origin and destination countries; ensuring meaningful involvement of migrants and relevant stakeholders through capacity building and increased partnership.

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Please come back on 9 August, 2009.


Please come back on 9 August, 2009.

Rapporteur Reports

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