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Background & issues

Religious leaders’ responses to stigma and discrimination are influential. Compassion, understanding and help to provide access to prevention, treatment and care are essential to assist individuals, NGOs and governments to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goal of 2015.

With the main theme of ‘Interfaith contribution to HIV Programs’, this forum will focus on:

  1. Stigma and discrimination that marginalize people including PLHIV

  2. Religious leaders’ social care and support for PLHIV

  3. Migration and Tourism


Community Forum


We, 160 men and women of faith, from 20 countries, with various roles and responsibilities in religious communities and organizations from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Shinto, met in Bali on the 7th- 9th August, 2009, to strengthen Faith-Based responses in meeting the challenges of HIV in Asia and the Pacific .
We are committed to united and coherent action among our varied faith communities to face up to HIV and AIDS in our region.

People living with HIV have reminded us during our meeting that our communities still need to know more about HIV and we are committed to delivering the necessary information and overcome indifference associated with ignorance and existing attitudes, which contribute to stigma and discrimination.  We will continue to build our religious capacities to speak personally and in public about HIV without judgment and without increasing stigma.

To read more, please download the pdf file.




Please come back on 9 August, 2009.


Rapporteur Reports

Rapporteur Report 1st day : Download here

Rapporteur Report 2 nd day : Download here





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