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Background & issues

There are 5 million people living with HIV in Asia and their rights must be met for decision-making at all levels in order to help achieve and receive Universal Access and sustainability of treatment, as per the UN Millennium Development Goal of 2015.

With the main theme of ‘Developing Accountability for positive people’s leadership and the right to be treated as a whole human being’, this forum will focus on:

  1.    Sustainability of ARV and Treatment Access
  2.    PLHIV Leadership and Resources Mobilization

  3.    Human Rights
Community Forum


Recommendation 1:

Sustainable core funding for the operation PLHIV national organization is assured so that we can fulfill our GIPA role, the Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV, at all levels of strategy and policy development and program design, implementation and evaluation. Talk with us, not about us

Recommendation 2:

Given the critical importance of access to HIV treatment for HIV positive people, we demand the full involvement of PLHIV in country process reporting, such UNGASS on Performance, monitoring progress of country target to universal access, and full and free access to quality ART (Antiretroviral Therapy) to all PLHIV in all countries of the region.




Please come back on 9 August, 2009.


Please come back on 9 August, 2009.

Rapporteur Reports

Please come back on 9 August, 2009

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